Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 Days to a More Deliberate and Healthy Me

Today was Noah's day. At three and a half he is not only my sweet little boy but also a huge help to me. And he proved himself today.

I'm "B" to Noah because I was "B" to Kathryn and Elizabeth first. They could say "B" from the beginning of their adventure into talking and Noah could too. So aside from Mama and Dada, I was one of the first persons they called by name. Good plan, right?

Every day with Noah is great but today we not only had fun reading, building puzzles and shooting; we also started tearing apart an old love seat so that I can recover it. Pulling stuffing from the cushions and then throwing it around was lots of fun!

We also did one of favorite things: go to the Bixby's to play. This time we both got to play, Noah with the kids and me with Nicole. She taught me how she bakes bread, step by step. We made wheat/white bread and it was wonderful. I hope to bake it myself tomorrow or Friday. Will report then about results.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

31 Days to a More Deliberate and Healthy Me

May Day! 

Sounds like a day that needs to have something associated with it, right? Just what I thought when I started looking at the blog bookmark I found a while ago. The Nesting Place challenge of 31 days of change, the perfect way to start this May Day. 

I had bookmarked the blog last September thinking I would join in on the challenge but it did not work for me then. But every time I returned to that post I had the same conviction of a 31 day time of change. 

Within the last week I decided May Day would be the perfect day to start such a challenge.

So today begins 31 Days to a More Deliberate and Healthy Me. Pretty straight forward. 

  1.    Know the necessary tasks of each day and complete them.
  2.    Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  3.    Walk regularly.
  4.    Lose weight instead of gaining.
  5.    Stay on task instead of flitting from one thing to another.
  6.    Check the phone number before answering the phone or let the answering machine answer calls so I will not interrupt what I am doing.
7.    Write notes and send cards to friends and family.
8.    Take the chicken basket out with me when I go to collect eggs. Wash and put eggs in refrigerator.
9.    Give away extra eggs.

This seems like a lot to begin with but I am determined to implement these nine and possibly more into my daily life.

May Day here you are and I am ready for 31 days of change!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Love My New Office Space!

Deciding to move my office upstairs into Lindsey's bedroom was a total surprise. It began with a conversation with a good friend and ended with me here typing in front of a big screen monitor on top of my new Pottery Barn Outlet desk. Can you see me smiling?

I love my new office space! It is bright, has soooo much more room than the one on the first floor in the red room; well the used-to-be-red-now-a-beautiful-deep-pink room. I'm smiling again.

And I feel like I'm getting away somewhere when I come up here. Not far away, but away from the everyday world of the first floor. Did I say this yet? I love my new office space!

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Beginnings and New Mercies Each Day

Living each day, purposely, proactively, thoughtfully, that’s what I’m thinking about today. Why am I thinking this way? Because I’ve spent many days moving from one task to the next, sometimes at breakneck speed, without even noticing a single thing going on around me. I don’t remember what I did those days, except to mentally check off some project or chore. Yet with all my past accomplishments, most of the time, necessary responsibilities and commitments remained unfinished leaving me always in a catch-up mode.

So long catch-up, hello “willing to become.”
Today, I’m choosing plans and goals. I’m choosing to look at one year as a length of time in which I will accomplish something BIG. I’m choosing this journey knowing a simple, healthy and manageable life are attainable if I am willing to accept responsibility for this commitment.

This is a step of faith for me, maybe even a leap of faith, and although not the first time I’ve challenged my faith, it is certainly one of my most deliberate moves so far. Leaving my well-worn path for a new route, I’m expecting to see some awesome sites, to meet new friends and learn new things. I also expect to make wrong turns, to need help and to have to change direction. But I believe this is the right choice, to live on purpose, to have a positive influence on those around me, “to be willing.”

So, I’m choosing to pray to God as my friend, to talk with Him instead of at Him, to share what I’m doing and thinking, what I’m trying to decide and desire to accomplish. These two-way talks between us will be the foundation to lead me where I am to step next. A firm foundation based on truth and filled with the grace that God gives to me constantly.

So long catch-up, hello God, here I am and I just wanted to tell you I’m grateful for new beginnings. But they scare me too. You know my past record, LORD. Should I put myself out there again? Should I try and hope and put my faith in living deliberately? 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Where to Begin

Today I woke up ready to tackle some aspect of house reorganization.   But when I think of what there is to do or begin to look around it really seems a good way...but still where should I begin today?

I decided to prepare the garage craft room for more books and a place to begin organizing the scrapbook and other crafts that are being moved out there.

Mason and Sawyer came to help, what a blessing that was for me. They are strong and moved some big things, including the futon and two filing cabinets from the living room. Wow!!!

My living room is bigger. I love it even in its disordered state.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today is my Birthday!

 Today is my birthday! My first post on my birthday is a surprise to myself. I have wanted to do this for so long. Finally I am putting words on paper. Today was not the plan. I started thinking last fall that I would document this journey I wanted to take. From one month to the next I thought, soon, soon I will write it down, so I can see it , so it will encourage me. When Christmas came and went  I thought for sure I'd start writing on January 1st, but no.

Of course, it is the lack of a plan that is one part of my problem. Which is why I am "willing to become" during this next year.
Be deliberate! That's a big part of the plan. I will think of what I do and what I need to do and what is best to do.

Today I am 56, born in 1956. I have a friend who would think starting this blog journey today would be significant because of these numbers. It is! Because today is the new day God has given me to live my life His way! Today His mercies are new! I am grateful for the opportunity to make these changes! I am grateful for this journey! Thank you, LORD!